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DC Spirit?
How can I, by acting a certain way, aid my search for new things on dc?
A small guide as to how one should act on dc in order to improve the situation!
  1. Share
  2. Originals
  3. Share originals
  4. Uptime
  5. Slots
  6. Ratio
  7. Passive
  8. Finally

There is one, very simple, golden rule! Always keep what you download in your own share. If you've downloaded something from someone else, there is a big chance that others would want it aswell - so keep your share updated with new stuff. Your friends in the hub are following that principal in order for you to get a hold of that-new-movie, wouldn't it also be decent of you to share it once downloaded? The sources that recieve new material are often heavily hammered which means that when YOU share something new that you've downloaded, you are not only making it easier for others to download that certain release - in the long run you are also making it easier for yourself to download new stuff. Think about it, isn't it better that users take up Your slots instead of slots from the users You want to download from?

Since way back there is an established system that regulates how material is being spread. Original-releases are often recognized by their special directory names which in short describes who ripped the movie, cd etc. Furthermore, original releases always contains .nfo files with important information - and if its a large file, for example a movie of some sort, you can also expect it to be split into several rar volumes. In addition, original releases always contains a sfv file so that you easily can verify that the downloaded files are complete and without error. An original release of a movie will always contain a sample file in order for you to determine the quality of the release in advance. It's a feature which could easily save you a couple of hours of download time rather spent on a release with good quality.

Share originals
When you want to watch a movie you have to extract the file(s) from the archives, do this to a temporary folder while saving the original archives! When everybody is sharing original-releases it's easier to find the same material on different locations - which in addition makes it easier to spread. The fact that you have to extract the file(s) when you are about to watch/use it might be considered as extra work - but remember that this is easily balanced out by the fact that you can download several volumes from differens sources instead of waiting for one slot to a single large file. A natural rotation of the slots are thus created when small files are being shared - a rotation which in the end makes it easier for everybody to recieve and spread the wealth.


A common mistake is to use dc like any ordinary ftp - you log on, get what you want and then log off. This is never a good practice because it will always bring its own punishment. You should always strive to upload at least as much as you download. Consider the fact that if you don't upload, others will have to turn somewhere else to get what they want. In the end this means that there will be fewer slots for you to choose from. Even users with slow upload-speeds have something to contribute - the most important thing is continuity. Even a 0.5Mbit upload is enough for you to be able to transfer almost a whole DVDR every 24h - and since most people don't watch movies during the day you will make it easier for everybody to get that special something. Once again it comes down to helping yourself by helping others!

When regarding slot it's important to stress that more isn't necessary better. If you've got a relatively slow upload, then stick to the least permitted number of slots since the speed per slot becomes that much better. With a more efficient connection it is always good practice to have a few extra slots open, just to make sure that your upload isn't being blocked by a couple of slow transfers.

When it comes to download slots the important thing is not to have more slots than your connection can handle in speed down stream. If you for example download on 2 slots and already maximize your speed it's stupid to start another download. The results is that you will hogg more slots but download the same total speed anyway. In DC++ there exists a great feature to stop this evil phenomenon automatically. It is located in the "Downloads" section in the settings and is called "No new downloads if speed exceeds (kB/s)". The value you should put in the box is the speed yopu normally reach when downloading, when that speed is reached DC++ won't open any more download slots. On a 0.5 Mbit connection a good value is 50 kB/s. Please note that this does _not_ mean that 50 kB/s is a maximum speed.

Ratio is an easy way to determine how much you are contributing to the hub. In the lower section of the DC++ window you will find a couple of numbers, "D" states how much you have downloaded (total) and "U" states how much you have uploaded (total). In order for the hub to work properly everybody have to have the ambition to upload at least as much as they download and by doing this guarantee a possibility of getting hold of the things that you might want. Since the connection fee is most certainly fixed you will not loose anything if you upload a little more - don't hold back on something that's free!


There are two ways of running dc, either in active or in passive mode. Two passive clients can't connect to each other since at least one of them have to be active. It requires a little extra work to be active if you are situated behind a router or something similar, but it always pays off in the end. When active you will have the opportunity to connect to atleast 20-30% more users which in short enables a larger pool of information. The search for files will also speed up and obviously generate substantially more results. When in need of help, don't be afraid to ask in the main chat!

Follow these simple guidelines and you will notice how much easier it becomes to get what you want. Help yourself by helping others! And you know what? It's so simple and smooth that it actually WORKS! :)

Author of this guide is GhostNet, english translation by FrontLine!
Thanks GhostNet, for a well done guide!

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