This guide is simply an attempt to explain 'how it works'.
Plus some thoughts on how to make sharing a little more fun :)

  • Varför RAR?
    Rar-hub, rar only, rar e bäst, jag delar bara rar osv. osv.
    När det pratas om "RAR" så är det allt som oftast original-releaser som menas...

  • DC Spirit?
    Hur kan jag genom att beté mig på ett visst sätt, hjälpa mig själv att få hem grejor på dc?
    En liten guide till hur man ska vara på dc för att förbättra läget!

  • Why RAR?
    Rar-hub, rar only, rar is the best, i'm only sharing rar and so on and so forth.
    In most cases, when someone speaks of "RAR", they're referring to original-releases.

  • DC Spirit?
    How can I, by acting a certain way, aid my search for new things on dc?
    A small guide as to how one should act on dc in order to improve the situation!

  • Play RAR?
    Wouldn't it be nice to be able to play tv episodes and movies without unpacking the rar files? With a simple click? This is how you do it..

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